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  Tongue Cleaning is the single most
effective way to reduce bad breath

And the
#1 TONGUE CLEANER in the U.S is...

 The OraFresh®
Tongue Cleaner

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For the most effective solution against bad breath, try :
The Orafresh Pickleen 2 Tongue Cleaner

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  As seen on ABC's 20/20, The NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, and several cable networks.
  As seen on Good Morning America, 20/20 and The NBC Today Show

OraFresh is the #1 tongue cleaner in the U.S. for a very good reason! Unlike other tongue cleaners that don’t quite do the job, OraFresh gently, yet effectively, removes the white coating of bacteria from your tongue --the main cause of bad breath. If you are looking for the best bad breath remedies, you have come to the right place!

If you suffer from bad breath, you might have halitosis, which is the result of bacteria collecting and residing on the back of your tongue. Halitosis can not only give you bad breath, but social anxiety and depression. However there is hope! OraFresh is not only one of the best bad breath remedies on the market, but is cheaper that a weeks’ worth of breath mints and works by attacking bad breath at the source.

It has been proven that using a tongue cleaner is the best way to treat bad breath, and with OraFresh, it is the simplest and least expensive way to conquer bad breath. We are so confident that OraFresh will help with bad breath, that we back it with a no questions asked money back guarantee!

OraFresh has a patented design that makes it the best tongue cleaner on the market. Perfect for reaching and cleaning the dorso-posterior section of your tongue, the part where most of the decaying food particles reside, you can eliminate odor causing bacteria easier than ever.
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