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The Orafresh & Orafresh Pickleen 2 Tongue Cleaner.
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Why OraFresh®
  • Eliminates bad breath and prevents the bitter taste of "morning breath".
  • Provides immediate, tangible results. (1 week)
  • Has a unique, contoured patented design that is perfect for reaching and cleaning the dorso-posterior part of the tongue where the majority of decaying food particles and odor causing bacteria are lodged.
  • Is easy, quick and convenient to use.
  • Is one of the most simple and effective bad breath remedies in the world.
  • Has been shown to treat the effects of halitosis.
  • Also helps to reduce tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Is endorsed by leading dental professionals and breath treatment experts.
Background on Tongue Cleaning: 

Using a tongue cleaner is actually not a new concept; its roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire. For millions of people around the world, tongue cleaning is one of the most common bad breath remedies and an accepted way of life – as second nature as brushing one’s teeth. 

The benefits of tongue cleaning are now being realized by growing numbers of individuals and heath care professionals across the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. Clinical studies have shown that bacteria on the tongue, which generate odor emitting “volatile sulfur compounds”, are the leading cause of bad breath. Dentists and breath treatment experts now universally agree that daily tongue cleaning, which removes these bacteria, along with other oral debris, is the single most effective way to reduce bad breath and the effects of halitosis!  


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